Various Forms of Cannabis

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While joints are considered the easiest way to consume cannabis, there also exist different forms of consuming cannabis for its effects. If you are not versed with the various forms of cannabis consumption, then this article is best for you. We have provided the different forms of consuming cannabis to help you determine which one is best for you.


This foremost method of cannabis consumption is flower. This is an ancient way of consuming cannabis as our ancestors also used to consume cannabis in the form of flower. The flower is the part of the cannabis plant that quickly blooms to buds over time. The flower of the cannabis plant includes the trimmed leaves as well as the stems. The entire cannabis plant is a flowering species categorized as either sativa, indica, or ruderalis


Hashish is another form of cannabis that was used by our ancestors. The cannabis plants can secret a resin-like most other flowers. Industries process this resin and turn it into hash or hashish. The pressed resin can also be made in the form of cakes or blocks. Hashish contains high amounts of THC and can be consumed like regular joints.

Marijuana Concentrates

Cannabis concentrates are very popular due to their high potency. Concentrates are cannabis extracts that have been processed to remove unnecessary plant material and other impurities. There exist different types of cannabis concentrates with the popular ones being shatter and wax.

Shatter has the highest potency of all cannabis concentrates. It’s the replica of a tinted piece of glass or candy with a brittle or snappy texture. Shatter is usually extracted using different methods including butane or CO2. But butane extraction is hazardous and recommended only for experts.

Wax, also known as butter or frosting, is a popular cannabis concentrate for therapeutic use. Wax is different from shatter in different ways. It’s less potent and smoother than shatter. However, wax and shatter can be extracted using similar methods.


Edibles are known for their discreetness and convenience. It allows cannabis enthusiasts to enjoy the benefits of cannabis without necessarily needing to smoke or vaporize. Edible can either food or beverage infused with cannabis and they usually include chocolates, gummy, and candies. There are THC edibles as well as CBD edibles. When consuming edibles, you may begin the feel the effects around 30 minutes after consumption. to


Topicals are another form of cannabis that is suitable for users who want to gain the benefits of cannabis discretely. Topicals can be applied to the skin to provide relief for symptoms such as pain, rashes, or other skin conditions. Topicals can either be balms, creams, lotions, and sprays.

The reason for the high medicinal abilities of topicals is due to its high concentration of CBD. Doctors also recommend topicals for skin infections such as arthritis, muscle aches, and spasms.

Bottom line

There are many forms of cannabis for any user. It’s up to you to choose which method works best for you. If you want to avoid attention, then try edibles or topicals but if you want high hitting effects, then consume concentrates or hashish.

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