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Who We Are

Compassionate Care’s team are well trained and licensed to provide professional, compassionate and confidential medical marijuana evaluations for patients seeking to legally obtain a medical marijuana card. We’ve helped thousands of patients find relief from their ailments and illnesses over the years. We are a local physician owned and family operated. Dr. Yazhbin (Doc Y.) is owner and medical director of Compassionate Care Consultants.

His wife, Chana, is Operations Director who ensures everything runs smoothly. Together we guarantee a warm, friendly, and pleasant experience for our patients.

About Our Doctor

Dr. Yazhbin, also known as Doc Y by his patients, splits his time between treating patients at a local Emergency Room and helping patients obtain relief through medicinal cannabis in multiple offices in Pennsylvania. He personally sees each and every patient in Pennsylvania for their medical marijuana evaluation and certification. Doc Y is a registered Medical Marijuana Practitioner  in Pennsylvania ,Maryland and New York Department of Health. He recommends useful regimens to each patients to keep them safe and worry-free.

When he is not helping patients, Dr. Yazhbin spends his time with his dogs, traveling, skiing and sailing.

We are fully committed to our patients.

Check out the proof!

Your service is excellent! The doctor is great and compassionate. You are super friendly for an old woman who does not know how to use cellphone. I really appreciate you guys and I believe in what we’re doing here. I believe in this product and its good for pain relief. It completely changes my life for the better. It helps my mood and I get along better with my family.

Susan Bennet

I used your services with a medical condition August 8, 2021 and can now attest all has gone well and was fantastic service! The doctor was thorough and helpful. I highly recommend.

Nicole Patricia Blake

At first I was a bit skeptical of the idea that much could be done to help all the damage I’d done to my body. By the time I signed up I had already developed arthritis in my entire back, both knees, and my hands. I’d been burned in kitchens on 500 degree ovens, but the combined pain of all the joint damage drowned out those injuries. It was an all-consuming point of focus. Within the first week of getting my medical card I went to pick up an order from the dispensary. That was the first day in almost ten years I wasn’t in excruciating pain. It was like somebody let the air back in the room. A year later I feel like I got my life back, and I have to thank the staff at Compassionate Care for opening the door to a better life for me.

Thomas Kelley

Amy Goodrich was wonderful! She share very useful and helpful information, asked very worthwhile questions and directed me in sensible steps. The woman who contacted me earlier was wonderful as well – she facilitate the video connection well and answered questions. Sorry I am not sure of her name, Naomi?. The emails sent to me have also been very helpful. My ability to keep pace with what is needed may not be the best but I will persevere and try to get through all the steps. Many thanks.


Company Timeline

Practice Opened

November 2016 is the first clinic were evaluated and certified patients in Baltimore, MD for medical marijuana.

New Premises

We opened our second location in Johnstown, PA on 2018

Team Grows

2019: We opened more offices to reach out to more patients. Compassionate Care Consultants in Greensburg, Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, State College, Reading and Scranton.

State-Wide Expansion

2020: We are certifying more patients from different parts of Pennsylvania through Telemedicine. We also opened Philadelphia, Monroeville,Wexford, Allentown, Altoona, Erie and Butler offices in PA. Annapolis and Bethesda locations ins MD. And Albany and Rochester in NY.

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