How Much Does Medical Marijuanas Cost in NY? How Much Can You Buy?  

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When patients first get their medical marijuanas card in New York, most have quite a few questions about the program and how it works. Two of the most prevalent questions are associated with purchase limits and cost. After all, these are important factors to know before heading to a medical dispensary. How much does medical marijuanas cost in NY? How much medical marijuanas can you buy in NY? Let’s take a closer look at the answers below.

First, a Quick Look at the NY Medical Marijuanas Program

Cannabis has been legal for medical purposes in the state of New York since 2014. Since that time, over 122,000 state residents have registered and have a New York Medical Marijuanas Card. New York took a unique approach to medical cannabis by not outlining specific medical conditions that would qualify a patient for care. Instead, the state only requires that a doctor certifies that you could benefit from medical marijuanas.

How Much Does Medical Marijuanas Cost in NY?

Medical marijuanas costs can vary depending on the type of product you buy and where you shop. Take a look at a few average price ranges by product as of 2023:

  • 1/8 ounce of cannabis flower – $35 to $55
  • Gummies: $40 to $65 for a 100 to 150mg THC Multipack
  • Tinctures: $40 to $60 per bottle (THC mg varies)

As you shop for cannabis products for your medical needs, it can be a good idea to look at the websites of different NY medical dispensaries to get a look at their prices. Some dispensaries have special deals and programs to help patients save on products, such as a percentage off the first order or special savings opportunities for veterans and seniors.

How Much Medical Marijuanas Can You Buy in NY?

New York does not have purchase limits in place when it comes to medical marijuanas. In most states, patients are allowed to purchase up to a certain amount of flower or THC in another product form. In New York, however, you are allowed to purchase up to a 60-day supply of medical cannabis at a time when you visit a dispensary. What constitutes a 60-day supply can vary by patient and depends on what has been recommended by their doctor. For example, if a doctor states you need 100mg of THC per month, you can purchase up to 200mg of THC at a time when you visit a dispensary.

What Kind of Medical Marijuanas Can You Buy in NY?

Initially, NY only allowed vape cartridges, tinctures, capsules, edibles, and tablets. However, cannabis flower was added in 2021 despite the fact that smoking medical marijuanas is forbidden by state laws. Therefore, you will see raw cannabis flower at the dispensary sold to people who prefer to vape cannabis with their own vaping devices.

Other NY Medical Marijuanas FAQs

Can you grow your own marijuanas plants in NY?

As of October 2022, medical marijuanas patients are allowed to grow three mature and three immature plants at home. Patients who are 21 and older can grow their own, while patients under 21 can only have plants grown at home by their designated caregiver who is 21 or over. Plants and seeds can be purchased at registered medical dispensaries.

Where can you buy medical marijuanas in NY?

You can purchase medical marijuanas at any dispensary in the state that is licensed as a medical marijuanas retailer. The Office of Cannabis Management offers a list of registered medical dispensaries for patients on its website.

Are there any programs available to help you pay for marijuanas?

Different organizations and even medical dispensaries may have savings opportunities for medical cannabis patients. Additionally, the state of New York has been working to try to make marijuanas covered under state-funded medical insurance programs like Medicaid and Child Health Plus. However, that bill is yet to pass as of summer 2023.

Get Help Obtaining Your Medical Marijuanas Card in NY

Take a look at our detailed guide on how to get your NY Medical Marijuanas Card from Compassionate Care Consultants. If you are ready to take the next steps, reach out to schedule an appointment for a hassle-free consultation.

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