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New York legalized medical cannabis nearly a decade ago in 2014. While it took a bit for the medical marijuanas program to get rolling, today, patients have access to the medicine they need. Take a look at how to get a medical marijuanas card in New York below.

How to Get a Medical Marijuanas Card in NY

New York’s Office of Cannabis Management has a relatively straightforward path to obtaining a medical marijuanas card. The most important step is to get certified through an approved healthcare provider. Take a look at the steps that will be required.

While NY initially set forth a list of qualifying conditions to obtain medical cannabis, the state did away with the list in January 2022. Instead, the physician decides whether an individual’s condition is suitable to be treated with medical marijuanas. Therefore, you do not have to have a specific diagnosis like cancer or PTSD; a qualifying physician only has to say that you could benefit from treatment due to your health status.

1. Visit a Physician to Become Certified as a Patient

The first step to becoming a medical marijuanas patient in NY is to get certified by a physician. The physician will evaluate your medical status, health conditions, and symptoms to determine if cannabis could help. Not every NY doctor is allowed to conduct these certification exams.

Any healthcare provider that you visit for certification must meet specific requirements set forth by the Office of Cannabis Management. For example, qualifying physicians must be allowed to prescribe controlled substances in NY and take a two-hour course on certifying medical cannabis patients.

Once your certification appointment is complete, the doctor will enter your certifying details directly into the Medical Cannabis Data Management System. (MCDMS). A registry ID will be automatically assigned when this certification is entered into the system, and you can print off the patient certification. NY does not issue a physical medical marijuanas card. Therefore, you do not have to wait for a card to be issued and mailed.

2. Visit a Dispensary to Purchase Cannabis

Once you have completed your certification visit with a healthcare provider, you are ready to visit a medical dispensary and shop for medical marijuanas. The only thing you need to purchase cannabis is a copy of your certification (digital or physical) and your valid government-issued photo ID to verify your identity.

NY Medical Marijuanas Card FAQs

How old do you have to be to get a medical marijuanas card in NY?

Patients can get certified to become medical marijuanas patients if they are of legal age (18 years of age and older). Patients that are not yet 18 can be certified by a physician if the physician believes the monitor could benefit from medical cannabis treatment. However, a parent or guardian of the minor must be registered as a caregiver and shop for cannabis on the minor patient’s behalf.

How long will your NY medical marijuanas card be valid?

While you do not get a card as a medical marijuanas patient in NY, you do get a registry ID number. This registry ID number, as well as the healthcare provider’s certification, is good for 12 months from the date it is issued. When the time expires, you may have to revisit your physician to have your certification extended.

How long does it take to get a medical marijuanas card in NY?

Obtaining a medical marijuanas card in the state of NY is actually a quick process. The only thing you have to wait for is to visit a healthcare provider and get certified. The best healthcare providers will enter your certification details into the MCDMS during or immediately after your evaluation. Therefore, you can begin shopping for cannabis as soon as you leave the doctor’s office. Simply keep a copy of your patient certification with you when you visit the dispensary.

Get Help with Your NY Medical Marijuanas Card

Obtaining your medical marijuanas card in NY can sound like a complicated process, but Compassionate Care Consultants are here to help. We can help you with the process of getting evaluated and certified in a hassle-free way. Reach out to schedule an appointment to get started.

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