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Compassionate Care Consultants - EST 2016

Our Annapolis location is now serving patients who are looking for medical marijuana evaluations and certifications. We provide confidential, professional and compassionate care for patients looking to obtain a medical cannabis card in Annapolis, MD.

Leading Medical Marijuana Certification in Annapolis, MD!

Compassionate Care Consultants is a medical cannabis doctor in Annapolis MD. We are so proud to serve all of our patients needing medical marijuana in Annapolis and beyond. Residents of this city will appreciate that we’re centrally located off of West St.

Evaluation Cost

  • New Patient Evaluation – $160
  • MMJ Card Renewal – $130
  • Anxiety/PTSD Diagnosis – $79
  • CBD Consult – Free
  • State Registration – Free

Renewals certified from another practice are welcome.

All Appointments are Online (Telehealth)

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Step-By-Step Guide

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Annapolis, MD

Obtaining a medical marijuana card Annapolis MD is pretty easy, and you have to go through the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC). First, you just have to register with the state, using various documentation to verify your residency.

Next, you have to submit paperwork from your primary doctor that shows you have at least one qualifying condition, such as cancer or neurodegenerative disorders.

Once your paperwork is approved, you can pay for your medical marijuana card and print out a temporary copy. You can then use this copy to visit a medical marijuana dispensary in Annapolis MD.

Annapolis MD Medical Marijuana Card Online Application Process

Before starting this process, be warned that there is a non-refundable $25 fee for initial registration and renewals. You must also provide all requisite documentation, so we recommend having everything ready beforehand.

Fortunately, the MMCC website outlines the various steps and what’s required so you can follow each one and get answers to your questions along the way.

How to Find a Medical Dispensary in Annapolis MD

The Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission keeps a list of all active dispensaries in the state. You can also look at this interactive map.

Other Medical Marijuana Resources in Annapolis MD

The best place to get up-to-date and accurate information about medical marijuana in Maryland is through the MMCC website.

What Should You Bring To The Appointment?

  1. Photo ID (Driver’s License or State ID)
  2. Medical records or any document showing the diagnosis of your qualifying condition
  3. Patient ID / Registration #

If you do not have your medical records in your possession and you need us to request it from your doctor, please fill out the RELEASE FORM and send it back to us by fax or email.

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Suffering from Anxiety/ PTSD

On a scale of 1-10, how bad is your pain?
See complete list of qualifying conditions below.

Qualifying Conditions

Medical Marijuana Dispensary Near Annapolis MD

Medical marijuana patients really only have one option if they’re looking for a dispensary near Annapolis MD.  If residents need to travel outside of the city, there are a couple of other options, including:

Pure Life Wellness

Since there is no weed dispensary in Annapolis MD, patients must head north to Baltimore to visit Pure Life Wellness. This dispensary offers a wide selection of products, and it has a loyalty program for those who need to make regular purchases. Visitors can also take advantage of weekly specials to save even more money.

When visiting this medical marijuana dispensary near Annapolis MD, you can browse through a wide variety of products, including concentrates, pre-rolls, tinctures, edibles, and locally-grown strains. Pure Life works with the best producers so you can find the strains and hybrids necessary for fulfilling your prescription.

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