How to Store Cannabis Seeds  

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All plants start from a seed, including cannabis. These small seeds are the key to eventually growing your own favorite strain right at home. However, a good healthy plant can only grow if the cannabis seed is protected and properly stored before it is used. Find out how to store cannabis seeds in the ideal conditions below.

The Primary Threats to Monitor While Storing Weed Seeds

Cannabis seeds are more resilient than they seem in spite of their small size. Nevertheless, there are certain threats that can compromise the viability of a seed or make it sprout prematurely. The primary attributes to monitor when storing weed seeds include:

  • Moisture – Moisture can break down the shell of the seed and potentially lead to problems with mold development. The ideal humidity range for stored cannabis seeds is between 21 and 30 percent humidity.
  • Sunlight – Exposure to light can potentially cause weed seeds to germinate. Therefore, make sure they are tucked away in a place where they will not be exposed to artificial or natural light.
  • Temperature – Seeds should be kept in a cool environment to deter issues with untimely germination. The ideal temperature for storing seeds is around 43 to 47 degrees Fahrenheit.

How to Store Cannabis Seeds

How to store weed seeds can vary depending on how long you intend to keep the seeds stored before attempted germination.

Where to Store Cannabis Seeds Short Term

Cannabis seeds can be tucked away in a cool, dark area if you are not planning to keep the seeds stored for a long time. For example, you can place your seeds in a dresser drawer as long as your dresser is not near a major heat source.

You don’t even necessarily have to have an airtight container, even though this can offer a more secure environment. For example, you can place your seeds in an envelope if you plan on germinating them within a few days or a few weeks. If you take this route, be sure to separate seeds according to strain and mark the strain and date on the envelopes.

How to Store Cannabis Seeds Long Term

Anything more than a few weeks of storage and you should look for a more secure storage option. One good example is a glass canning jar with a lid, which will provide an airtight environment. You can also find containers specifically sold for seed storage purposes that have an airtight closure and a place to mark the container with important information.

As far as where to put the seeds, if you don’t intend to plant them for a long time, you may want to consider your refrigerator. The best way to store cannabis seeds long term is in a refrigerator due to the temperature requirements. However, you may also consider placing the seeds in a freezer if you plan to store the seeds for several months.

Refrigerators can have issues with temperature fluctuations due to opening the door frequently. So, make sure the container holding your weed seeds is tucked into a far back corner or somewhere within the appliance where temperatures are likely to remain more stable.

Storing Cannabis Seeds FAQs

How long can you store cannabis seeds?

Under the most ideal conditions, cannabis seeds can remain viable for up to five years or more. It is not unheard of for seeds to remain good for as long as a decade. The key is making sure the seeds are not exposed to any of the aforementioned threats.

One of the best ways to store cannabis seeds for a long period is in a refrigerator or freezer. However, make sure the container the seeds are held in is airtight. And, avoid exposing the seeds to drastic temperature changes during storage because this can break them down. For example, if you pull seeds out of the freezer and then place them back in the freezer repeatedly, this could alter the quality of the seed.

How can you test cannabis seeds after storage for viability?

You can typically tell if a seed is healthy with a visual inspection. Pick up the seed and examine it for signs of deterioration, such as back spots or holes in the shell. Firmly squeeze the seed between two fingers and make sure it does not collapse or change shape. The healthiest seeds retain a good strong shell that will not break down easily under slight pressure.

The float test can also be conducted, which is simply dropping the seeds in a glass of water and making sure they sink after a few hours. Seeds that float should be pulled out and discarded. Those that sink will be more likely to sprout. Just be sure this test is only done when you are prepared to start the germination process.

Are dark cannabis seeds bad?

Not necessarily. Cannabis seeds can be varying shades from dark brown to light tan or even nearly white, depending on the strain. Therefore, it is perfectly possible to have a dark-colored seed that is perfectly healthy. Do pay attention to black areas that appear to be breaking down, as this can be a sign of a bad seed.

A Final Word from Compassionate Care Consultants

Storing cannabis seeds can be logical if you plan to eventually grow your own, but the seeds must be stored properly. Many dispensaries in states where cannabis is legal to grow now sell seeds to customers.

However, if you live in a state where you cannot grow your own, such as Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, or Mississippi, we can help you obtain your medical marijuana card. Reach out to Compassionate Care Consultants if you need guidance about how to get approved as a medical cannabis patient in your state.

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