DDD and Cannabis

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Discs within our spines are usually under regular change. These changes can be normal, but when it results in pain, it is known as Degenerative Disc Disorder. The discs within the human spine are flexible in nature. They can easily absorb shock in the spine and help it to twist in different directions. Without the discs in our spines, we won’t be able to carry out basic tasks in our everyday lives. When these discs start bringing the feeling of pain, then it’s called Degenerative Disc Disorder.

Degenerative disc disorder usually occurs in several parts of the spine especially around the neck or lower back. The disc can change due to several factors including inflammation, low oxygen, osteoporosis, spinal stenosis, or herniated disc. Degenerative disc disease is also common in smokers, and those going through trauma.

Common symptoms of Degenerative Disc Disorder:

Lower back pain

Buttocks pain

Pain in thighs

Fluctuating pain

Pain during sitting

Pain during stretching

Can medical marijuana help patients with DDD?

According to several studies, cannabis may be highly beneficial for patients with Degenerative Disc, and this is due to the primary cannabinoid CBD. Most patients have acknowledged using medical marijuana to relieve the different symptoms associated with Degenerative Disc, such as discomfort and pain. According to several scientific studies, reducing inflammation is essential to reducing pain from Degenerative Disk. Also, the anti-inflammatory properties of medical marijuana make it a potent pain reliever. Medical marijuana can also relieve other side effects of Degenerative Disc, including nausea, fatigue, and even mood swings.

While conventional drugs can be beneficial for the side effects of degenerative disc disease, these drugs usually come with several side effects including kidney and liver disease. Pharmaceutical pills can also result in addiction and overdose.

Cannabis is a safer alternative to powerful painkillers because of its lack of side effects. Cannabis can relieve several symptoms linked with degenerative disc disease without causing addiction. Cannabis can regulate pain, inflammation as well as help increase appetite, enhance sleep, and improve mental health issues. Cannabis can also reduce anxiety and depression in patients with Degenerative disc disease.


Symptoms of DDD that can be relieved by cannabis

Pain: Medical marijuana can significantly manage pain from DDD. The primary cannabis compound, CBD offers pain relief without the side effects of certain prescription medications. It can even substitute traditional medication such as opioids which pose a lot of health risks to the user especially in the long run.

Depression and Anxiety: These are common symptoms not only in patients with DDD but also in individuals with pain. Medical marijuana can help reduce depression and anxiety resulting from DDD and other severe conditions. Medical marijuana brings induces mental relaxation and physiological sedation.

Inflammation: CBD has powerful anti-inflammatory properties that promote natural inflammation suppression and act as a supplement as well as a substitute for prescription medications.

Bottom line

Degenerative disc disease can be a disturbing condition that affects everyday activities. Medical marijuana can help control the symptoms of this disease as well as promote back health.

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