Why Get a Medical Marijuana Card in a Recreational State: A Complete Guide 

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In most states, medical marijuana is legalized before recreational cannabis. It’s a natural process in which the success of the medical industry leads to further acceptance and legislation. Once recreational cannabis is available in each state, those who might seek it out for medicinal purposes are free to do so. Even without a medical diagnosis or prescription from their physician.

So why get a medical marijuana card in a recreational state? As many medical patients have discovered, there are still some profound benefits. Advantages beyond recreational access that come with a medical marijuana card.

If you have a qualifying condition and find that cannabis is helpful in treating the symptoms or the root cause, the additional benefits often make it worthwhile to go through the process and receive your card.

Medical Cardholder Discounts

Almost every dispensary offers discounts for medical marijuana patients. Often, patients don’t have to pay the (rather high) taxes on marijuana. It’s because they are purchasing an approved medicine instead of a recreational controlled substance. 

Dispensaries also offer special medical discounts for patients that focus on the more therapeutic strains and products. This can help you find the right items and pay less for your cannabis overall.

Access Higher-Potency Products

In many states, recreational cannabis has a potency limit regulated by growers and manufacturers. However, medical strains and cannabis products are permitted to be much stronger. Whether you are seeking high-percentage buds or high-concentration cannabis products, a medical marijuana card can unlock the “secret menu”. It uncovers the menu of high-potency cannabis that may better help with your condition.

Purchase and Grow More Cannabis

Patients can also typically buy, possess, and grow more cannabis than recreational customers. You may be able to cultivate your own plants. Also, more plants than usual, or nominate a grower on your behalf to grow your allotted number of plants.

You will be able to buy larger quantities of bud or concentrates at the dispensary. Assuming you need higher doses or would like to stock up on your approved cannabis-based medication. If you are detected carrying cannabis, you are permitted to have larger amounts at home and/or in your possession depending on state laws.

Access Medical-Only Dispensaries and Venues

In every recreational state, there are some dispensaries that are medical-only. There may also be medical marijuana venues like lounges or comfortable clinics. Places where you can enjoy a more exclusive selection or medically-friendly cannabis experience compared to commercial dispensaries. This can enhance your access and your enjoyment of marijuana locally using your medical card.

Earlier Access

Younger patients are also able to access cannabis sooner with a medical marijuana card. If you are below the age of 21 and have a condition that is often treated by cannabis, you may gain medical access. You can have it with a medical marijuana card years before you will be old enough to buy recreational cannabis.

Travel to States with Medical Reciprocity

Lastly, some states share medical marijuana reciprocity. This means that if you have a medical card in one state, you will be able to buy cannabis in another state using the same card. You still should not cross state lines with cannabis in your possession, but you will have an easier time traveling and getting the cannabis you need for your medical condition.

How to Get Your Medical Marijuana Card

Getting your medical marijuana card is easier than you might think. Compassionate Care Consultants can walk you through the process of diagnosing your qualifying condition and getting physician-backed approval for your medical marijuana card starting today. Contact us to learn more and start your medical marijuana journey. We look forward to helping you.

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