Vaping and Smoking

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The cannabis industry is has become a multibillion-dollar industry, due to this there are numerous ways to consume cannabis. While cannabis provides low risk when compared to other drugs, there are still negative health effects from using it.

Precisely, cannabis smoke is bad for the lungs, just like all smoke. Vaping is an alternative way of consuming cannabis. It involves using an electronic device to vaporize cannabis flowers or concentrate.

Most of us know about the harms of smoke on the lungs. However, whether vaping is safer than smoking remains unclear. There are limited studies on the effects of vaping and smoking cannabis on our health. However current studies show that vaping is safer than smoking. In this article, we’ll look on vaping and smoking.

Is Vaping Healthier Than Smoking?

While many believe that vaping is healthier than smoking, several studies have shown that this is true. Some studies show vaping as safer than smoking, but this is only true for tobacco. The researchers noted that vaping is a safer alternative to consuming cannabis.

According to a 2015 study, researchers stated, “While vaping cannabis decreases respiratory exposure to toxic particulates in cannabis smoke, this leads to less harm on the lungs. However, if you substitute cigarettes for e-cigarettes, it provides greater harm to the lungs. 

Tobacco leads to more harm to the lungs than smoking. Therefore, while vaping is safer than smoking, it is not necessarily healthier in the case of tobacco. However, those who vape cannabis experience healthier effects in contrast to smoking. 

The effect of cannabis highly depends on the methods you choose. When you combust cannabis in the form of blunts, there is no filtration happening to clean the smoke. This leads to excess coughing and possible adverse effects on the lungs. Vaping cannabis on the other hand offers smoother effects that don’t damage the lungs.

Research on vaping and smoking

Johns Hopkins Medicine researchers note that, in contrast to smoking cannabis, vaping led to an increase in short-term anxiety, paranoia, memory loss, and distraction when administered in the same dosage. They concluded after conducting a small study on infrequent cannabis users

The findings of the new study were published under the JAMA Network Open. The researchers highlighted the essence of dosing with the perception that vaping is safer than smoking. And the pleaded on medical and recreational cannabis dispensaries regulators to take note.

Vaping devices heat cannabis to a temperature that releases vapor from the plant. All the effects of the plant are released in the form of vapor. Vaping is believed to be a safe way to consume cannabis because it lacks toxic effects. When you burn cannabis is produced harmful components which may be harmful to your health.

However, according to researchers, vaping produces high amounts of THC for those who don’t use cannabis regularly. This increases the chances of adverse reactions.

Bottom line

Overall, vaping and smoking offer their benefits and drawbacks. You can choose a method based on your personal preferences and your lifestyle. If you choose to vape, ensure to buy your vape pen from a trustworthy brand.

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