Does medical marijuana for Tremor contribute to psychosis

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People experiencing tremors experience something more than just uncontrollable shaking. They also experience severe symptoms like insomnia, anxiety, and depression, that can influence daily activities. Medical cannabis can help ease some symptoms of tremors and provide the necessary relief you carry out daily activities.

Tremors worsen due to stress and may often resolve with traditional treatments. Since cannabis can increase relaxation as well as mitigate the stress response it could also be useful for people with tremors.

Marijuana could be a great remedy for tremors or act as an alternative to traditional treatment for movement disorders like tremors and Parkinson’s disease. However, cannabis may increase tremor and lead to psychosis. While there’s not sufficient studies to support cannabis use to increase psychosis. Patients taking high dopamine medications for their tremors experience increase psychosis.

Cannabis and tremors

Tremors result from several factors such as neurodegenerative diseases, anxiety, brain damage, as well as withdrawal symptoms from addiction.

Scientists have analyzed the benefits of cannabis for some time now, with great effort being put on the effects of CBD on tremors.

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) regulates several physiological processes such as motor functions and movement. Since tremors involve muscle recurrent movements, they perfectly fall into that bracket.

This suggests that the ECS can be a therapeutic target for individuals who want to manage their tremors. However, for some people treatment for tremors such as cannabis may be a culprit, resulting to unwanted neurological effects. looking for effective tremor management.

Medications for tremors can exacerbate and cause psychosis and this includes cannabis. Most medications for Parkinson’s and tremors work to increase the production of dopamine in the brain which can help to relieve tremors. However, that same dopamine produced by cannabis can also stimulate areas in the brain responsible for psychosis symptoms like hallucinations and delusions.

In some cases, the progression of tremors can be the primary cause of psychosis. Tremors and Parkinson may fall under a symptom of Parkinson. This means if you don’t use any tremor treatment, you may end up developing psychosis as part of the disease pathology. Nonetheless it seems that tremor medications including cannabis do increase the risk of psychosis.

Does cannabis use from tremors cause Psychosis

Marijuana use for tremors can cause psychosis other psychotic symptoms. These symptoms are acute which means they disappear quickly after the drug has left the body. Someone with marijuana-induced psychosis may experience symptoms of psychosis such as delusions. This kind of situation can be distressful and may require emergency treatment.

Bottom line Does medical marijuana contribute to psychosis

If cannabis for tremors does worsens psychosis, then doctors must alter patients’ medications. Furthermore, reducing your tremor dosages or removing certain medications from your treatment may also help.

Apart from treatment with medications, patients can change their lifestyle to manage tremors. This includes spending more time with family and friends which will help the brain in general and can help lessen psychosis in patients with tremors. Other remedies include keeping a regular sleep schedule and exercising. Anyone who uses marijuana is at risk for experiencing psychosis, although most people will not.

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