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It is forecasted that about 800,000 Americans are diagnosed with paralysis every year. About 19 percent of these paralyzed patients find it difficult to survive. Paralysis is a condition that blocks blood flow to the mind. The main result of a stroke usually includes difficulties to speak, loss of memory, and personality changes. However, some scientific studies are linking cannabis as a way to reduce the symptoms of paralysis.

The symptoms of paralysis manifest early and it usually starts with pain. Getting early treatment for paralysis is essential for reducing the harm it causes to the body. The primary symptoms of paralysis include numbness in the arm, face, or leg, uneasiness, adjustment issues, and loss of control.

Cannabis and paralysis

Several studies show the ability of cannabis to help paralysis patients. A 1998 report tested the impacts of cannabis on rats inflicted with stroke. According to the study, cannabinoids block a neurochemical, called glutamate, which’s responsible for creating harmful oxidizing molecules that cause harm to the brain. The cannabinoid used in this investigation helped to block further brain harm and protect the brain from glutamate passage.

A 2012 report on cannabis and paralysis also had similar outcomes. According to the study, the calming properties of cannabis can aid in brain inflammation, which is a symptom of paralysis.

Most studies on cannabis and paralysis are encouraging. And although cannabis may help with the symptoms of paralysis, there is still a need for more studies to confirm its effectiveness. However, a few patients with paralysis have acknowledged using cannabis to battle with pain.

How cannabis aids Paralysis

Cannabis can moderate cholesterol levels in the body and reduce the chances of getting stroke in the future. Cannabis also increases blood flow into the brain, therefore reducing the possibility of stroke. Paralysis, one of the detrimental symptoms of stroke is a result of lack of oxygen and slow brain activity.

Cannabis can help with paralysis by expanding the bloodstream and improving the patient’s motor abilities in the affected areas. Cannabis is also an alternative to conventional pills due to its lack of side effects. Most people know about the stress relieving properties of cannabis. Stress generally plays a role in stroke by enhancing blood pressure. People living with a stroke can easily consume CBD to reduce anxiety, stress, and blood pressure.

Cannabis may help in paralysis in different ways. Even though no confirmation proves cannabis can destroy the ailment, patients can use it to gain relief from symptoms including pain. Pain is one of the primary symptoms of paralysis, it causes unevenness in the body and makes most patients give up on exercises. Pain also plays a role in the deaths of many paralyzed people. However, several cannabinoids can help with pain, such as CBD. The healing properties of CBD are not hidden, and the UN also recently acknowledged its healing properties by removing it from the list of banned substances. A paralyzed patient can use CBD to increase brain activity, reduce pain, reduce anxiety, and help with depression. Although cannabis might not actually destroy stroke it makes it easy for paralyzed patients to recover through motivation.

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