Huntington’s Disease

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Medical Marijuana and Huntington’s Disease

Medical marijuana has risen into popularity over the last couple of years due to its medicinal properties. Among the benefits of cannabis is its ability to help those suffering from

Huntington’s Disease and relieve the side effects of the Disease.

Huntington’s Disease is a hereditary illness that is incurable. The current traditional medication for Huntington’s Disease relieves the Disease’s symptoms but usually leads to side effects. Medical marijuana can be an excellent alternative for conventional medicines due to its lack of side effects. But can it be a potential cure for Huntington’s Disease?

What is Huntington’s Disease?

Huntington’s Disease is a genetic condition that mostly affects brain nerves leading to physical and cognitive impairment. Individuals aged 30-50 are the highest carriers, but some individuals may experience the symptoms earlier in life.

Huntington’s Disease begins to destroy the brain nerves until it becomes fatal. The illness works slowly and can take 15-20 years before you start seeing symptoms.

Huntington’s Disease is hereditary, which means it can be transferred from one generation to another. Most people living with the condition will eventually experience the symptoms at some point in life. But there’s also a chance that children don’t inherit the Disease from the parent.

Traditional Treatments for Huntington’s Disease

Huntington’s Disease has different treatment options, and these treatments can vary from individual to another. Those experiencing more symptoms will need more treatments, while those experiencing fewer symptoms will require fewer treatments. As the patients’ manifests in the body, the patient becomes weaker and usually seeks different treatment alternatives.

Huntington’s Disease’s primary symptom is the tendency for mood swings and a high chance of depression. The traditional treatments for these symptoms are antidepressants and antipsychotic drugs, which may work for some patients and not work for others. Some people can experience enhanced moods and behaviors, while others can experience adverse side effects and worsening symptoms.

Since medical marijuana is legal in most states, patients consider it an option in relieving the symptoms of this detrimental illness. However, there is still plenty more work to be done as scientists need to conduct more studies on cannabis and Huntington’s Disease.

Medical Marijuana and Huntington’s Disease

It’s no doubt that cannabis offers a lot of medicinal properties. It can help with many ailments and side effects, including chronic pain. The leading cannabis compounds responsible for providing relief are CBD and THC. But there is still a need for more research on other cannabis compounds.

Recent studies on medical cannabis show its capacity to reduce anxiety and depression symptoms, which can aid those with anxiety and stress. Medical cannabis can also help with depression from Huntington’s Disease without leaving any adverse side effects.

According to several studies, Huntington’s Disease interacts with the endocannabinoid system, similar to CBD. This can help in reducing the effects of the Disease. However, we need more research on medical marijuana and Huntington’s Disease to understand better how they interact in the body. As of now, medical marijuana offers a lot of benefits to patients with Huntingdon’s Disease in terms of reducing side effects.

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