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Our State College, PA location is now serving patients who are looking for medical marijuana evaluations and certifications. We provide confidential, professional and compassionate care for patients looking to obtain a medical cannabis card in State College, PA.

Get Your Medical Card

Leading Medical Marijuana Certification in State College, PA

Get evaluated by Compassionate Care Medical Marijuana doctors in State College, PA today, and start looking for medical marijuana near State College, PA!

Evaluation Cost

  • New Patient Evaluation – $200
    • ***$25 Discount available if you prepay***
    • ***Additional $25 discount for veterans***
  • MMJ Card Renewal – $150
  • Anxiety/PTSD Diagnosis – $79
  • CBD Consult – Free
  • State Registration – Free

Renewals certified from another practice are welcome

All Appointments are Online (Telehealth)

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Step-By-Step Guide

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in State College, PA

1. Register in PA Medical Marijuana Site

In any state where a medical marijuana card is legal, the first step is your PA medical marijuana card online application. This might sound overwhelming, especially if you’re not very familiar with computers – but not to fear, Compassionate Care Consultants in State College, PA can help you with this preliminary step, computers and all! Make an online virtual appointment with Compassionate Care State College, PA before you begin to register (discounts are available to veterans.)

2. Evaluation with our Doctor

In order to register online, you need a valid PA driver’s license or ID. Gather your medical records – if you need to, fill out a release form with your doctor so that you will have everything you need. Next, Compassionate Care Consultants will evaluate your records to see if you have a qualifying medical condition for a medical marijuana card. Valid conditions include chronic pain, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, Parkinson’s disease, cancer, Huntington’s disease, HIV/AIDS, gout, autism, arthritis, and many more, so make sure your medical records are up to date and at hand.

3. Pay for your Card

The following step is to pay the state for your card, which you will do annually. You’ll need to ensure that your address on file with the state is where you want your card to be sent. It should arrive in 7-10 business days. You are allowed to designate a caregiver who can use your medical marijuana card to purchase the medical marijuana for you at a medical marijuana dispensary.

4.  Visit Dispensary

Then, your only question is where to find your future favorite medical marijuana dispensary in State College, PA! How to find a medical dispensary in State College, PA is a topic for a different article. Luckily, you can visit any dispensary in the state of Pennsylvania once you have your medical marijuana card. Securing medical cannabis in State College, PA is possible with the professional, caring help of Compassionate Care Medical Marijuana doctors in State College, PA.

What Should You Bring To The Appointment?

  1. Photo ID (Driver’s License or State ID)
  2. Medical records or any document showing the diagnosis of your qualifying condition
  3. Patient ID / Registration #

If you do not have your medical records in your possession and you need us to request it from your doctor, please fill out the RELEASE FORM and send it back to us by fax or email.

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Suffering from Anxiety/ PTSD

On a scale of 1-10, how bad is your pain?
See complete list of qualifying conditions below.

Qualifying Conditions

Dispensaries near State College, PA

There are numerous medical marijuana dispensaries in and around State College PA where patients can get products to fill their prescriptions. Here’s a rundown of each location.

AYR Wellness Medical Marijuana Dispensary Near State College PA

AYR has multiple locations throughout Pennsylvania, but this dispensary is just outside State College. Because it’s a relatively large dispensary, it has tons of products and even a rewards program for returning customers.

Curaleaf State College PA Medical Dispensary

Curaleaf is located in Central State College and offers pre-rolls, concentrates, gummies, and vape cartridges. This dispensary caters to first-time patients, but it also has a wide selection of products for experienced users.

Verilife Weed Dispensary in State College PA

Verilife has multiple locations in Pennsylvania, and patients can buy flowers, tinctures, edibles, extracts, and many more products. Patients can also shop online and get delivery to their door for added convenience.

Vytal Options Marijuana Dispensary in State College PA

Vytal Options has a relatively limited selection of cannabis concentrates, but the brand guarantees the quality and reliability of its products.

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