Medical Marijuana Doctor Wexford, PA

Medical Marijuana Doctor in Wexford, PA

Leading Medical Marijuana Certification in Wexford, PA!

Compassionate Care Consultants is a medical doctor in Wexford PA. We proudly serve all of our medical marijuana patients in Wexford and beyond. If you’re a resident of this city, we’re conveniently located off Perry Highway, south of the I-79 exchange.

Evaluation Cost

  • New Patient Evaluation – $200
    ***$25 Discount available if you prepay***
    ***Additional $25 discount for veterans***
  • MMJ Card Renewal – $150
  • Anxiety/PTSD Diagnosis – $79
  • CBD Consult – Free
  • State Registration – Free

Renewals certified from another practice are welcome

All Appointments are Online (Telehealth)

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Step-By-Step Guide

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Wexford, PA

The Pennsylvania Department of Health makes it super easy to obtain your medical marijuana card in Wexford PA. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Register yourself with the state’s registry by filling out this form.
  • Next, have your primary care physician verify that you have one of the qualifying conditions to get medical marijuana, such as cancer or neurodegenerative disease.
  • Once verified, you can pay for your card online. Payment is sufficient enough to visit a medical marijuana dispensary in Wexford PA.

Wexford PA Medical Marijuana Card Online Application Process

This entire process is pretty straightforward once you fill out the registration form. Your physician will submit your medical records on your behalf, so the only other thing to do on the website is pay for the card itself. You can also handle renewal fees here too.

How to Find a Medical Dispensary in Wexford PA

You can find a current list of medical marijuana dispensaries in Pennsylvania by checking out the state’s Department of Health website. 

Other Medical Marijuana Resources in Wexford PA

There are lots of great sites out there to help you understand medical marijuana laws in Pennsylvania. However, the Department of Health website will have the most up-to-date information about legalization and regulations.

What Should You Bring To The Appointment?

  1. Photo ID (Driver’s License or State ID)
  2. Medical records or any document showing the diagnosis of your qualifying condition
  3. Patient ID / Registration #

If you do not have your medical records in your possession and you need us to request it from your doctor, please fill out the RELEASE FORM and send it back to us by fax or email.

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Suffering from Anxiety/ PTSD

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See complete list of qualifying conditions below.

Qualifying Conditions

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