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Compassionate Care Consultants - EST 2016

Our Brooklyn location is now serving patients who are looking for medical marijuana evaluations and certifications. We provide confidential, professional and compassionate care for patients looking to obtain a medical cannabis card in Brooklyn, NY.

Leading Medical Marijuana Certification in Brooklyn, NY!

Get evaluated by Compassionate Care Medical Marijuana doctors in Brooklyn today, and start looking for medical marijuana near Brooklyn, NY!

Evaluation Cost

  • New Patient Evaluation – $149
  • MMJ Card Renewal – $149
  • CBD Consult – Free
  • State Registration – Free

Renewals certified from another practice are welcome

All Appointments are Online (Telehealth)

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How to Get Medical Marijuana in Brooklyn, NY

There are three easy steps to participate in the program.

Step 1: Contact Compassionate Care

To simplify the process of becoming a NY medical marijuana patient, contact the medical team at Compassionate Care Consultants at (443) 320-2500. Over the phone, we can answer questions and get you scheduled for an evaluation. However, we can also help you obtain the medical records the state will need to verify that you have a qualifying medical condition. Simply sign a medical records release form, and we’ll reach out to your doctor.

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Step 2: Complete the Medical Cannabis Evaluation

The medical cannabis evaluation is a simple appointment that involves looking at your medical records, health history, and what conditions qualify you to become certified. During this evaluation, our team will also be available to answer questions about obtaining and using medical marijuana properly.


Step 3: Get Your Medical Cannabis Certification

We can help you with MMCC registration with the New York Medical Cannabis Commission. To register, you will need a photo and a copy of your state-issued photo ID. Once you have your MMCC ID number and your evaluation complete, you will be fully certified as a patient. In the event you have to wait a few days on your MMCC number, simply get back in touch with us once you get your number.


Suffering from Anxiety/ PTSD

On a scale of 1-10, how bad is your pain?
See complete list of qualifying conditions below.

Qualifying Conditions

Dispensaries Near Brooklyn, NY

There are quite a few medical marijuana doctors that can assist with getting your medical marijuana card, but only one dispensary in Brooklyn NY. So, residents will have to go outside the city to fulfill their prescriptions. Fortunately, this Brooklyn NY medical dispensary offers weed delivery for added convenience.

Leafly Weed NYC Dispensary in Brooklyn NY

As the only medical marijuana dispensary in Brooklyn NY, Leafly Weed has an excellent selection of different products, all available for delivery straight to your door. This dispensary also offers a rewards program and free delivery for large orders. However, depending on what you plan on buying, you could meet the free delivery minimum with a single purchase, so keep that in mind.

Leafly Weed NYC offers cannabis products like flowers, concentrates, vape cartridges, edibles, tinctures, and many more. The store also sells some of the most popular strains in New York, so you’re sure to find what you need to help you feel better. If you’re new to smoking, you may want to try gummies or cannabis-infused chocolate bars for a smoother and less intense high.

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