Hemp and Medical Cannabis

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President’s Day


In honor of President’s Day, here at Compassionate Care Consultants wanted to remind everyone that our very first president, George Washington smoked marijuana.  It is written he sought out the higher THC plants (separated male from female) to treat his pain.


Hemp and marijuana had a role in our history.  Both the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence are written on hemp paper.  In addition to being a plant of great medical benefit, it was poised to replace lumber as a raw material until outlawed in 1937.


The top US prosecutor in Maryland has said that he will not change how he enforce marijuana policy.  While the attorney general is waging a war on medical marijuana, there has been no action to date.  The Cole memo has been rescinded but without authorization of federal funds, no action can occur.  Given the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer amendment, federal funds may not be used to interfere with cannabis businesses abiding by Maryland or any other state law.

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