Medical marijuana and Autism Spectrum Disorder

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Medical marijuana and Autism Spectrum Disorder

The main key to medical marijuana and autism is how it ends up affecting the Endocannabinoid System. Given that the autism medication does not do a good job as they are expected to do, parents and other individuals have ended up opting for other forms of treatment with regard to autism.

There are various benefits that have been associated with the use of medical marijuana with regard to persons living autism given that autism is a condition that affects an individual for the rest fo0 their lives. Some of the benefits that may result from a use of using medical marijuana include:

Improvement in mood and behaviour

Autistic persons are known to be very aggressive at times given that their emotions are normally elevated to some extent and they may end up suffering from extremes of all emotions. If it’s being angry, they may be too angry and end up doing something really bad or too aggressive. All in all, cannabis is, however, able to help with the regulations of the person’s emotions and aggressive outburst given that it normally help with the regulation of various hormones in the body that brings about a relaxing effect to the person. Hence, sudden outburst, anxiety, and depression tend to reduce as well and the person is able to function even better.

Improves Neurological functioning

In addition, the brain does end up being affected when one is suffering from autism given that there are certain senses or motor functions that one may be unable to have or do easily. Simple things like learning may end up being quite a struggle for person’s living with autism. However, according to research, cannabis is able to aid the brain into achieving a breakthrough in learning, understanding, and consciousness as it helps one become less aggressive and more receptive to various things given that one learn to relax.

One is able to sleep better

Given that one of the signs and symptoms associated with autism is having sleep issues, this may then increase a person’s aggression levels which may make them become a danger to themselves. Nevertheless, with the breakthrough research that has been made by various facilities, medical marijuana has proven to every essential to helping induce sleep as it helps them relax and reduces certain feelings such as anxiety, nervousness, worry, and aggression just to mention but a few.

Helps in managing hyperactivity

In addition, given that autistic persons normally have extra energy all the time, this may be tiring to the care giver and dangerous as well as they may end up either hurting themselves or others. One may try medical, marijuana which is essential and has proven to give off a calm effect on its consumers with regard to autism. Being that it helps in reducing hyperactivity, this then helps keep the care giver and the autistic person safe.

Improvements in speech, cognitive and language

Given that autism affects speech and language to the extent that some end up not being able to even speak or make a sensible sentence, however, with medical marijuana, it has been able to show an improvement in cognitive, speech and formation of sensible languages. People have been able to attest to the works that medical marijuana has been able to do for their autistic persons

In conclusion, medical marijuana has proven to actually play a major role in persons living with autism. One may get a medical marijuana card from Maryland that will be able to allow them to purchase medical marijuana for their autistic person. However, one is asked to consult a physician before buying the medical marijuana.


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