How Medical Cannabis Helps Cancer Patients

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How Medical Cannabis Helps Cancer Patients

Cannabis plant popularly called marijuana has many years of record as a beneficial plant both for leisure and medical use. In traditional Chinese medicine, this organic and medicinal plant serves as one of the fifty fundamental herbs held with high respect and used for treatment of various health problems.

Currently in the United States, cannabis is being legalized in most states and this is due to the many benefits of the drug as being scientifically discovered.

Through research, it has been established that there are two main receptors for cannabinoids namely:

  • Cannabinoid 1 (CB1)
  • Cannabinoid 2 (CB2)

These receptors are designed to be exact targets for THC. And then the human natural endocannabinoids function to synthesize it.

Researchers have been studying about the process of THC-cannabinoid receptor combining and what it actually does for the body. This research is being carried out in order to establish how cannabis really functions in healing cancer.

And so far so good, the study has one of the world’s renowned microbiologists discovering the anti-tumor effects of cannabinoids. Several other experts in the medical field also agree to the healing potentials of cannabis with regards to cancer treatment.

Endocannabinoid helps boost diverse biological functions in the human body – including that of motor function, appetite, food consumption, and reproduction among others; and this establishes the fact why cannabis has such a wide therapeutic potential.

Medical Cannabis and Cancer

Successful treatments have been made treating astrocytoma with cannabinoids, a particular kind of brain tumor cancer growth. The THC was found treating and killing the cancer cells.

Studies and treatments have been fully carried out on the combined effect of THC and CBD on colon, brain, liver, prostate, bladder, pancreatic, cervical, lung, and other forms of cancer. The studies have proven medically and strongly that cannabinoids are powerful antioxidants and highly potent herbal-chemo agents.

Using medical cannabis for cancer treatment has many advantages, one of which is that they target tumor cells – specifically. Medical cannabis doesn’t have any toxic effect on cells – thus a great advantage with regards to standard chemotherapy which aims basically everything.

Medical cannabis helps to reduce anxiety and enhance sleep in cancer patients. It helps in relieving pain from wounds that seem not to heal.

Researches have been ongoing since the 70s on the part of palliation of cancer symptoms utilizing cannabis. So many trials and procedures have provided several pointers. The part cannabis plays to take care of symptoms varies based on how it’s being used and the product. THC & CBD studies in candidates with severe pain tended to outperform the placebo. A large number of reports have revealed that CINV (chemotherapy induced nausea & vomiting) can be better managed using cannabinoids instead of conventional treatments.

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