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Cannabis and MS Energy Levels


Cannabis and MS Energy Levels There are a lot of arguments surrounding the use of medical marijuana for different ailments, including MS. MS is short for multiple sclerosis, and it’s a chronic central nervous system disease that affects different parts of the body, including the brain, optic nerves, and spinal cord. Research on marijuana [...]

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Cannabis and Multiple Sclerosis


Cannabis and Multiple Sclerosis Marijuana has gained a lot of traction when it comes to treating symptoms related to Multiple Sclerosis. Patients worldwide have gained so much relief from pain, gastrointestinal distress, muscle spasms, and even paralysis after consuming cannabis. But most people don’t know how cannabis effectively treats an incurable neurodegenerative disorder. [...]

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Sickle Cell Anemia


Sickle Cell Anemia Does medical marijuana help with Sickle Cell Anemia? Sickle cell anemia affects more than 100,000 people across America, and about 1% of African American babies are born with the condition. The disease requires a lot of costs to treat, and it usually leads to discomfort and an unhealthy lifestyle when [...]

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Cannabis Strains for Pain Relief


Cannabis Strains for Pain Relief Cannabis strains have analgesic properties that can help a variety of conditions, including sore muscles, soothe headaches, migraines, inflammation, nerve pain, and more. Medical cannabis strains for pain relief are widely available and come with unique characteristics and select medicinal properties. Picking the correct strain can help [...]

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Medical Marijuana for Chronic Pain


Medical Marijuana for Chronic Pain Many people suffer chronic pain over the world, and it can lead to death in some circumstances. One of the most secure and best ways used by people to deal with chronic pain is through the cannabis plant. Medical marijuana is a preferable alternative to pharmaceutical pills when [...]

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Is Marijuana Addictive?


Is Marijuana Addictive? Cannabis is a drug that is considered by many as a gateway drug to other dangerous substances. It has also gained popularity in most circles due to the two common myths associated with it. First, there is a myth that cannabis does not harm the physical health of users. Secondly, [...]

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Medical Marijuana and Osteoarthritis


Medical marijuana recommendations for Osteoarthritis OA is the most widely recognized type of arthritis. It happens when you have "mileage" on the end of your bones, a region known as your protective cartilage. Although osteoarthritis can potentially harm the different joints in your body, it usually manipulates the joints in your knees, [...]

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How Medical Marijuana Helps with Neuropathies


How Medical Marijuana Helps with Neuropathies Neuropathy consists of the damage to the sensory, motor, or automatic nerves that originate from an internal cause. It's a technical and constant condition that influences almost 20 million individuals in the United States (1). Otherwise called peripheral neuropathy, this condition leads to weakness, numbness, and [...]

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Medical Marijuana for IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease)


Medical Marijuana for IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease) Crohn's disease is a kind of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). This chronic ailment leads to inflammation in areas of the digestive tract. Most Doctors are yet to get a full understanding of what causes Crohn's disease, but many think that it's due to a [...]

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Using Medical Marijuana to Treat Lyme disease


Using Medical Marijuana to Treat Lyme disease Lyme disease is a significant problem affecting many Americans today, and it’s getting worse. As presently reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Lyme disease is the fastest-growing vector-borne disease. The disease spreads to humans following the bite from ticks, which infect [...]

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