Medical cannabis and Hepatitis C

What is Hepatitis C?

This is a medical issue that has to do with the chronic infection of the liver. This infection is caused by the hepatitis C virus – HCV.

For people who suffer this disease, the good news is that medical cannabis for hepatitis C has been proven to be effective and can help a patient recover.

Through several studies, it has been proven that medical cannabis has the potential to provide therapeutic benefits to candidates who might be suffering from the Hepatitis C disease and many institutions and states have approved this treatment.

Hepatitis C mainly attacks a patient’s liver. It can be contacted via contaminated blood or through sex with another person that may be infected. When left untreated and unmanaged properly, it can lead to substantial liver damage.

The human liver happens to be the largest organ in the body and also one of the most vital parts. It functions to eliminate toxins from the system, and helps store energy and boost food digestion. When attacked by Hepatitis C, it can be really terrible. This virus doesn’t go away by itself and a patient can be infected for a lifetime. When left untreated, the patient can continue to suffer and eventually develop liver cancer.

Hepatitis C can make a patient feel really sick. For that reason, a quick diagnosis and treatment is recommended.

Medical Cannabis Treatment for Hepatitis C

Cannabis alone may not be able to fully cure hepatitis C; however it can be used as a complementary therapy together with other medications prescribed by a physician. Medical cannabis with its mood uplifting and pain killing properties has the potential to offer adequate relief, enabling a patient’s body to heal.

There is a link that exists between the use of medical cannabis and hepatitis C symptoms. Studies suggest medical cannabis offer therapeutic benefits to patients suffering from HCV and this has been fully established to be true. In addition, the drug’s side effects are usually mild and categorized as “low risk”.

Scientific reports reveal to us that medical cannabis is safe, and a very potent medicine that helps candidates with Hepatitis C tolerate the side-effects of treatment. HCV comes with certain side effects like pains; aches, diminished appetite and nausea – and medical cannabis can help to alleviate all of these and much more.

How medical cannabis treats HCV

There are two major cannabinoids as discovered within cannabis. These are:

  • cannabidiol (CBD) and,
  • tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)

These two bind with a patient’s cannabinoid receptors i.e. the CB1 and CB2 receptors. Immediately the CB2 receptor is activated after taking the drug, it will generate positive, anti-inflammatory effect within the patient’s liver which further reduces the severity of HCV symptoms.


I called their clinic as soon as I got my patient id #. Booking the appointment is quick and easy. I like that they ask me questions and make sure my condition is qualified and i have all the required paperworks before sending me to their clinic. Consultation took about 20 mins then i got my medical marijuana approval the same day.
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Robert Snow
They gave me a compassionate discount on my appointment. Waiting for my ID # from the commission took days but this clinic is patient with me and assisted me until I was completely certified. I made some research about medical marijuana and found it really effective for patients where the traditional method of treatment did not work. It helps a lot in pain management with very little side effects compared to those pain meds


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