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Compassionate Care

Patients living in surrounding towns and cities of Baltimore are welcome to request an appointment to be evaluated for Maryland’s Medical Cannabis Program. Compassionate Care Consultants will also see out of state patients residing in states that have not yet legalized cannabis for medical use in the state of Maryland.

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Dr. Alex Yazhbin

Meet the Doctor

Dr. Alex Yazhbin is dedicated to providing his patients with the best possible care. We at Compassionate Consultants are focused on helping you. Dr. Yazhbin carefully discusses with each patient the benefits and proper use of medical cannabis to effectively help patients with their conditions. He has trained in surgery and is currently practicing in primary care and wound care; helping elderly patients and those recovering from major surgical procedures.

After meeting hundreds of patients who could benefit from medical marijuana and seeing hundreds of physicians who refused to evaluate those in need, he decided to dedicate this practice to serving those patients that will gain benefit from medical marijuana.


Welcome to Compassionate Care Consultants

Compassionate Care Consultants specializes in medical marijuana evaluations in accordance with the guidelines of the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission. 

Dr. Yazhbin evaluates and certifies patients who will receive a legal letter of recommendation allowing them to use marijuana for medical purposes in the state of Maryland once the dispensaries are open.

Our Location

832 Guilford Avenue, Baltimore MD 21202

(443) 469-4400


Compassionate Care Fees

Discount of $30 available for Veterans and Disabled
on Initial Visit
First Time $200
Follow-up $75
Renewal $150

Compassionate Care Consultants take care of you like our own family. Your healthcare comes first.


Dr. Yazhbin has a beautiful welcoming office with a very friendly and helpful staff. Appointment was prompt, Dr. Yazhbin extracted what he needed from my medical records, a tailored personal discussion was held regarding how medicinal marijuana would help me with chronic pain. I was further impressed that he gave me the precise THC/CBD ratio specifically for my condition! Despite we’re waiting for MD dispensaries to open, this practice is highly recommended to get started!


Thank you Dr. Yazhbin, you are truly a remarkable Doctor! I look forward to the next time I see you. I strongly urge everyone to see Dr.Yazhbin, but especially Disabled Veterans! I certainly want to thank you the doctor’s assistant, Erwana

Their medical team makes you feel at ease as soon as you arrive. There was a bit of a wait so I suggest you make the appointment sooner. They are kind enough to accommodate me for an appointment even if I called the day before. The nurse practitioner was very accommodating and took her time with me to answer all my questions. The amazing view of their location is a plus! You would not mind waiting on the line while seeing the view.
16:01 08 Jan 18
Called their medical cannabis clinic to see if my condition can be approved. The lady on the phone was very helpful and asked me several questions to make sure I can be certified and I met all requirements before I come for an actual appointment. I don't regret choosing them to help me. I'll see them after a year for my renewal.
Robert Snow
Robert Snow
16:23 29 Jan 18
I called their clinic as soon as I got my patient id #. Booking the appointment is quick and easy. I like that they ask me questions and make sure my condition is qualified and i have all the required paperworks before sending me to their clinic. Consultation took about 20 mins then i got my medical marijuana approval the same day.
Mr Pearson
Mr Pearson
14:44 23 Jan 18
They gave me a compassionate discount on my appointment. Waiting for my ID # from the commission took days but this clinic is patient with me and assisted me until I was completely certified.I made some research about medical marijuana and found it really effective for patients where the traditional method of treatment did not work. It helps a lot in pain management with very little side effects compared to those pain meds
16:43 27 Nov 17
Very helpful staff from the lady who booked my appointment, the medical assistant and the nurse practitioner. They walked me through the process on how I can go to the dispensaries and be legal with medical marijuana. Their building is a little bit hard to find when you are on the roundabout but you can always give them a call for directions.
Physics and Astronomy
Physics and Astronomy
19:19 19 Dec 17
I got my marijuana approval same day. i booked my appointment after I received my MMCC number which a day before the appointment and they made sure I will have what they need on my appointment. I have to wait for 30 mins before I was seen but I have no complains as I am glad they still took me in last minute. They also gave me some dispensaries in the area which I can go to.
Brandon Jones
Brandon Jones
16:33 06 Mar 18
I am glad I called them and get educated on how to get my medical card. The lady on the phone explained to me the process in a detailed manner and told me what I need to do and the medical records that I need to bring. They are so helpful. It's a bit tricky to find their location with all those tall buildings though but they are really excellent.
16:23 15 Mar 18
Finally got approved for the medical cannabis program. They helped me request for my medical records from my pain doctor. The consultation is quick and easy. It's a plus that they have free parking area.
Ashley Fletcher
Ashley Fletcher
02:43 19 Apr 18
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